Regular Financial Services 

The services includes consulting on credit rebuilding, asset protection, building wealth, budget planning, student loans, investing, eliminating debt strategies and saving for retirement.  We want our clients to prevent predatory lending loans and making bad investment decisions. Find out whether you should file Bankruptcy? Is this the best option for you? Find out how to save your house from foreclosure.

King and Queens of Credit

Each year we work with 50 people around the country who want to have a 700 or better credit score. We work on ways to save money and prepare for homeownership. You must be committed, patient, determine, and work hard to reach all your goals to achieve your desired score. In addition, maintain your credit score as you make other financial decisions.

Credit Empowerment Course for womanThis course was created to train others on how to better improve their finances and credit coaching. If you desire to learn all about credit, money, and become a credit coach, this course if for you. In addition, learn about your rights and protecting yourself from debt collectors. 10 people yearly
Team Desire Youth ProgramThis program was created to prepare our youth for college, prevent credit traps, eliminate debt, budget, and understand student loans. 30 Students yearly.
Make Up Your Mind “Credit Network” This project is geared toward educating more women in the field of finance and credit.  We want to equip families to be prepared for unexpected financial hardships, understanding contracts, eliminating student loans as well asset building. We have “private” workshops in Florida, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Georgia. 100 woman yearly